This Is 5G Bringing Media to Life on Intel

                  Intel-powered 5G networks will unleash new media experiences, changing the way we create, consume, and share content.

                  5G Media Starts and Ends with Intel

                  From the device to the data center, Intel is at the heart of immersive media experiences over 5G, delivering ultra-high resolution 4K 360° video, immersive VR, and gaming.

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                  Explore Smart Media Use Cases

                  Capture 5G Smart Media Business Opportunities

                  How 5G Will Transform the Business of Media and Entertainment

                  The transformative impact of 5G will go well beyond the expansion of enhanced mobile media. Annual mobile media revenues will double in the next 10 years, unlocking incredible business opportunities for those who take advantage of 5G-powered networks and services. Learn how 5G will disrupt the industry with the launch of innovative business models and new immersive, interactive experiences that add a tactile dimension to entertainment.

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                  The Gold Lining of the Visual Cloud

                  5G will infuse the media industry with massive visual computing power. Discover how the visual cloud will enable media and entertainment companies to deliver new services and applications that “wow” customers and propel business.

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                  Discover 5G Media in the Real World

                  5G and eSports Team Up for a Win

                  Intel, Telstra, and Ericsson conducted one of the world’s first eSports professional gaming experiences over a live, ultra-low latency 5G connection on Australia’s Gold Coast. The trial was conducted at the 2018 Intel??Extreme Masters event in Sydney, where professional gamers experienced a wire-like experience over wireless.

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                  Cutting Cords at the US Open with 5G

                  Intel worked with AT&T, Ericsson, and Fox Sports to stream portions of the 2018 US Open using 4K HDR cameras positioned at the 7th hole, the trickiest on the course. Intel’s 5G MTP provided 5G network connectivity allowing event organizers to capture incredible content while cutting cumbersome cords.

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