VTune? Trademark Usage Guidelines

Approved Nouns:

Amplifier ME
Amplifier XE
Amplifier xxxx (xxxx is a placeholder for years)
Analyzer Update
Enterprise Analyzer
Performance Analyzer
Performance Analyzer Driver Kit
Performance Enhancement Environment
Performance Environment
Performance Tools


Acknowledgement Line(s):

  • Whenever theVTune? mark appears, the following footnote must also appear: "VTune is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries."

Proper trademark usage rules include:

  • As with all other trademarks, the VTune? trademark should be used as an adjective and not as a noun. This means that an appropriate and approved noun must accompany the VTune? trademark (e.g., VTune? tools). See the above list of approved nouns for the VTune? trademark.
  • The appropriate use of trademark symbols with this trademark is as follows: VTune? trademark.
  • Use the trademark symbol in the first appearance of the trademark in a headline, and/or the first prominent use and first appearance in the body of text.
  • Never hyphenate or abbreviate the VTune? trademark.
  • Never incorporate the VTune? trademark or any part of the trademark into third party’s company name, product brand name, or model number.
  • The use of Intel? in front of the VTune? trademark is fine as well. The correct use would be Intel? VTune? trademark.

Sample Usage Chart

Correct Usage
Incorrect Usage
VTune? environment VTune? environment
VTune? analyzer Analyzer for VTune?
VTune? trademark Vtune trademark