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                  Intel? Vision Accelerator Design with Intel? Arria? 10 FPGA – White Paper

                  The Intel? Vision Accelerator Design with Intel? Arria? 10 FPGA offers exceptional performance, flexibility, and scalability for deep learning and computer vision solutions.

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                  Boost Performance of Video Analytics with the Intel? Vision Accelerator Design

                  Build high performance computing (HPC) vision applications with integrated deep learning inference.

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                  Intel? FPGAs Power AI in Microsoft Azure*

                  At the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft debuted Azure* Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered by Project Brainwave integrated with the Microsoft Azure* Machine Learning SDK for preview.

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                  FPGAs in Deep Learning Inference Today

                  The unique architecture of FPGAs can be used to optimize system performance metrics for deep learning applications.

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                  FPGA AI Blogs

                  FPGA accelerates face recognition while protecting inference model through data encryption.

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                  Myrtle’s recurrent neural network accelerator handles 4000 simultaneous speech-to-text translations with just one FPGA, outperforms GPU in TOPS, latency, and efficiency.

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                  Corerain’s CAISA stream engine transforms FPGA into Deep Learning Neural Network without HDL coding.

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                  Resource Center

                  Find technical documentation, videos, and training courses for Intel's AI solutions.


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