When Does Traditional Analytics Become Advanced Analytics?

                  More and more enterprises are moving from traditional to advanced analytics – merging data from multiple sources and using powerful algorithms –to make faster, better decisions through cognitive computing. And it carries incredible potential. But there are a number of common myths surrounding the analytics transformation. We break it down in One Minute Misconceptions - A Few Minutes More. Here ...Intel Data Scientist Bob Rogers talks with CEO Berk Birand of Fero Labs about advances in machine learning, the analytics maturity spectrum and the benefits of CPUs for complicated algorithms.

                  Advanced Analytics

                  See how advanced analytics leveraged across industries is driving business transformation.

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                  Cloud Computing

                  Get the agility and security your business needs to innovate in a hyper-connected world.

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                  Machine Learning in Manufacturing

                  Learn how Fero Labs and Intel are empowering advanced analytics and machine learning in manufacturing.

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